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Dear users!

In connection with the increasing incidence of fraud, we warn you and ask you to be extremely vigilant.


Do not rush to invest in pseudo investment companies. As a rule, such “companies” promise huge dividends in a short time and work on the pyramid principle. You can lose your money at any time.

Don’t pay the ransom if you fall victim to the ransomware. Contact the experts, many antivirus programs provide a solution to these types of threats. By paying the ransom, you support this type of fraud.

If a stranger offers to “earn” in any form, while, asks to transfer your money to the specified details through the currency exchange service – refuse to avoid losses. Check the activities of “brokerage companies” in detail. Real companies of this kind will never offer you to make a transfer through an exchange office.

Paying the so-called “tax” to withdraw funds is a popular way to cheat. Scammers offer to pay “tax” in order to withdraw funds from the account.

The scheme of fraudulent income at exchange rates is widespread. In most of these schemes, the final action is to make a transfer in favor of the “exchanger”, which offers a very favorable rate.

Note! Very much inflated or underestimated rates are offered only by scammers. Always read reviews on independent sites.

In order not to lose money, always weigh your decisions. Don’t be fooled by scammers who offer easy money, even if everything is described in a very colorful and harmless way.

Remember! Free cheese only comes in a mousetrap.


The service does not cooperate and has never cooperated with brokerage companies and other similar structures.

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