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1.I am faced with a fraud, what should I do?

If you transferred funds to a third party that did not provide a service or product, you should know that we are not responsible for such operations (we warn users about this in the rules of the service, as well as in various forms on the site), but you can contact us in support, depending on the situation, we may be able to influence the process of blocking the details of the fraudster, etc.


2.Made a transfer from Perfect Money, but the application does not change its status or has been deleted

Perhaps PM froze your payment due to VPN use, according to clause 4.8. of the PM system rules.

Why didn’t my internal transfer appear on the recipient’s account?

It is possible that the intelligent anti-fraud system considered your transfer as suspicious and redirected it to operators for manual processing and validation, which takes a little longer than an automatic transfer. If your translation is a little late, don’t worry. After checking the payment and receiving confirmation of its legality, the funds will be credited to the recipient’s account.

Indirect signs of why a transaction can get checked:

1. The amount is received and immediately withdrawn.

2. About 100% of the funds are transferred.

3. Unusual login (different IP, VPN, browser).

4. Frequent change of browser, IP.

5. Not all account security methods are included.


3. Paid the application, when will it be completed?

Regulations for conducting operations in automatic directions: 1-15 minutes, for manual ones, 60-120 minutes during service working hours.


4. I paid for the application, but the status is “Application deleted”, what should I do?

If it so happened that the funds were withdrawn (from the card, wallet), but did not arrive at the wallet (bank card), most likely you did not complete the payment confirmation procedure according to the instructions, namely: did not click on the “Paid” button, or clicked it after expiration of the term for payment of the application.

Solution: contact support in the form below, or send a letter to our mail indicated in the header of the site with the number of your application (operation) in the subject line, and explain your problem by attaching a payment receipt from your bank or PS.

Result: depending on the correctness of the input of the comment to the payment and other criterion, we will decide to return or restore your application.


5.After 30 minutes passed, the request was not completed

If the application has the status “Payment is being verified” for 30 minutes or more, make sure that the service is working now (see the site header). If a delay occurs during business hours, write to support, we will definitely check what the problem is.


6. I’m trying to create an application, writes “You are not allowed to make an exchange.”


1) You are probably using a VPN and your IP is blacklisted, in this case you need to change your IP.

2) You have been added to the black list, and most likely not by accident. You can find out the reason through support.


7. I made a BTC transfer, but the status of the application does not change (or the status is “Application deleted”), what should I do?

There are several reasons for this.

1) You made a transfer but did not take into account the commission of the service from where you sent the funds, and in fact, less came to us than you indicated in the application.

2) Delay on the part of your service where the money was sent from. It often happens if you transfer funds from crypto-exchanges.

Solution: to check what specific problem you have, you can check the amount that is credited to our wallet through the website. In the input field, enter the wallet where you made the transfer, you can find your transaction and the incoming amount, after you figured out what the reason is, write to us in support at the mail indicated in the header of the site with the application number in the subject line, and a description of your Problems.

Result: if you have case (1) we carry out the recalculation in manual mode, at the exchange rate at the time of recalculation, if (2) option – we translate it into special. status and are awaiting funds.


8. Made a transfer of bitcoins, the application is still in the status of “waiting for confirmation from the merchant”

This status indicates that we see your transfer, but 3 confirmations from the bitcoin network have not yet passed on it. As soon as this happens, the status will change, and the application will be executed according to the agreed regulations.


9.I created an application for one rate, but the amount came in another

Some directions, such as BTC, have different exchange conditions from others, the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency is fixed at the time the funds are credited to our account (after confirmation from the network). If you think that the recount was unfair, you can claim a refund (no commission compensation) after contacting support.


General issues:


1.USDT Protocols

USDT-Omni is a USDT issued by Tether based on the BTC network with a BTC currency address and currency withdrawal via the BTC network. The protocol used by USDT-Omni is an Omni layer protocol embedded in the BTC blockchain network.

USDT-ERC20 is USDT issued by Tether network based ETH with ETH currency address and withdrawal via ETH network. USDT-ERC20 uses ERC20 protocol.


Registration and login:

1.Does not receive a link to confirm registration

Emails are sent automatically, but it happens that mail servers consider them as spam, so check the folder of the same name, if it is not there or there is a problem with activating your account, contact technical support.

When exchanging over $ 15,000, contact us, we will offer you a favorable rate!

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